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Programs have been designed to cater for clients who are unable to train at the Base Fit facilities.  All we need from you is self-motivation and we will manage the rest, from periodizing your training for maximum results, assistance with your diet, to pre-race preparation. You will receive programs via weekly e-mails from us, with sessions adapted to your personal strengths, weaknesses, equipment availability and goals. With each exercise given you will receive a description and image for to help you with proper execution as most of the exercises will be unfamiliar to you. We need to start with a fitness test to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Base Fit Online Options:

2 Sessions Weekly: For your training to be effective you will need to do at least 2 Base Fit sessions weekly, backed up with lots of track time.  

3 Sessions Weekly: Optimal as long as you are getting enough bike time in.

4 Sessions Weekly: Optimal option if your cardio time is limited.

5 Sessions Weekly: For those who are not racing as we can adjust the levels of intensity to factor in the additional training time.

Training Cycles:

All workouts are designed as part of a weekly program which fits into a periodization cycle of approximately 12 weeks.  Each periodization cycle will build up in intensity, with the last week being the toughest followed by a week of active recovery.

You will be assessed at the end of each cycle in your fitness, strength and endurance gains.


You will receive a nutritional plan and on-going nutritional advice to maximize your performance and recovery.  You will be guided through pre-race training and carbo loading.


If you are not training in a private or commercial gym, you will be given a list of equipment required, budget dependant.  We will then design your programs around what you have.  If your gym does not have any required equipment we will adapt your sessions accordingly.

We have spent many years researching and developing the Base Fit Online training system to ensure sessions are easily understood and workable in each client’s individual training environment.

For further information on Base Fit’s Sport Training  Programs please call

Mandy on 082-461-1443 or e-mail mandy@basefit.co.za