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All programs are progressive and form part of an annual plan to get the most out of your efforts.  Weekly sessions are integrated encompassing all required training components including explosive strength, strength stamina, cardio endurance and core power. Each week builds on the next in a periodization cycle of approximately 3 months. There are 5 working levels in each cycle each teaching and formatting a different crucial element to make you a successful rider.  Your fitness, strength and endurance gains will be assessed at the end of each cycle.  You will also be required to see our ‘in-house movement specialist’ from time to time to ensure you have no imbalances which could impact on your training in the higher levels.  These imbalances are addressed in the lower levels of each cycle.  

Dirt Bikes: The Base Fit programs mimic as many riding scenarios as possible from a strength, stamina as well as mental focus perspective. Base Fit will give you the strength and stamina to overcome scenarios such as muddy bike lifts, technical step downs etc, it will enable you to improve your riding so you can stand easily over long intense rocky sections, negotiate difficult off camber trails, and give you remarkable recovery after challenging uphill climbs. The Base Fit system is designed to prepare riders for the toughest races in the world such as Roof of Africa and Romanics.  Base Fit clients are prepped and ready for back to back days of gruelling riding, coming out on top both physically and mentally

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For further information on Base Fit’s Sport Training  Programs please call

Mandy on 082-461-1443 or e-mail mandy@basefit.co.za